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  1. Where Are You Located? - We are located 1 block East of Interstate 275 on Busch Blvd. and Hwy 41 Nebraska ave. 856 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, Fl. 33612
  2. Can you tell me more about your approval process? - We are not a “Buy Here Pay Here” lot. We specialize in helping good people with less than perfect credit attain Bank financing on 1&2 year old cars with low miles and Factory Warranty. In most cases all you need to qualify is, Proof of Gross Income over $2000.00 a month and no Repo’s in the last year. The best way to find out if you are Approved, is to click the “Apply on Line” button and complete the Online Application. You will receive a call from one of our highly trained sales consultants usually within 1 hr. If not, call us at 813-930-6300 for immediate attention.
  3. Please tell me more about your $0 down with any trade offer? - If you have less than perfect credit and you are trying to get the Banks attention to give you a Auto Loan, there is no better way than trading in a car. All Banks want to see commitment on your part to paying the loan back, and with us giving you $2000.00 for any trade “Pushed-Pulled-Towed” to our lot. The Bank can see a $2000.00 commitment.
  4. What if I still owe money on my trade? - We trade for cars every day that still have a balance owed to another Bank. All that will happen, is when you bring your car in to our location, one of our expert appraisers will evaluate the overall condition of the car and research the value with NADA & Kelly Blue Book to determine the value. We then call your lender for a payoff on your car to determine the difference between what you Owe vs. the Value. Depending on the difference, we make a decision on weather you need to put some money down to offset the amount owed, or in most cases we can add the difference to the next car you are buying.
  5. What types of Proof of Income do you accept? -

    - Current Year to Date Pay stub reflecting all deductions
    - 3-Months personal Bank Statements showing deposits over $2000.00
    - 3-Months copies of canceled checks from your employer (Front and Back)
    - 3-months check cashing report from Amscot or Ace
    - If using SSI, SSD, or Pension income you will need current Awards Letters for each

  6. Do I need a valid Florida license? - Yes, in most cases you do. But in some cases you don’t, it depends on the Bank we use.
  7. Do your cars come with a Warranty? - Yes, 99% of the cars we sell have the balance of the Factory Warranty still remaining on the car. This means you pay nothing at the Dealer for covered items. If the Warranty is about to run out, we offer extended Warranties that cover the car for up to an additional 100,000 miles or 5-more years.
  8. Do I have to carry Full Coverage Insurance? - Yes, All Banks require Full Coverage Insurance with $500.00 deductibles, and Everyone on the Loan must be listed on the Insurance.
  9. What if my Trade-in doesn't run? - We get this a lot! Take 2-3 pictures of the outside of the car, 2-3 of the inside of the car, take a clear picture of the VIN# on the inside of the drivers side door and take a clear picture of the miles. Bring your title with you and we will tell you where to have it Towed too after we get the Loan approved. (Do Not Tow to our Lot) You are responsible for all Tow fee’s, so find a family member with AAA to help, or we have someone who will Tow for $60.00 in Tampa.
  10. Can you assist me in getting Insurance? - Yes, our professional sales staff have several Insurance Companies we do business with, no matter what your situation is. Most Insurance Companies require $300-$400.00 down to get a new policy started. (This varies depending on your driving record)
  11. Do the Banks verify my Job, Pay Stub and Residence? - Yes, All Banks are Federally Regulated, so they will verify everything you tell them. Please be truthful on your Application so we don’t have to worry about Bank Fraud. Today’s Banks do not play around with Fraud, they will prosecute you for a Fraudulent Pay Stub!


Thank you for choosing ABC Autotrader. At our dealership we make every effort to make car buying simple, easy and HASSLE FREE! That’s why we have designed this page to answer questions that many of our valued customers may have before they even make the trip to our dealership, and if we left something out please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Our dealership business model is different than what many car shoppers expect during the car buying process when dealing with a typical dealership, that’s why information on this page may help you during your car buying process.

Our location and when you arrive:

We are located just north of Tampa off of exit 50 Busch Blvd. off interstate 275 on the corner of Busch Blvd. and Nebraska Ave. Our lot is packed with vehicles, so when you arrive please pull in slowly and with caution to our customer parking located in front of the office. If you arrive during a busy time please ask one of our staff members where to park and they will gladly help you.

As you are browsing our website please write down the stock number or last six digits of the VIN number for the vehicle or vehicles you are interested in. Please call prior to your arrival to check availability of a particular car you may be looking for. After you arrive please walk in to the front office and ask one of our staff members for help and they will locate the vehicle for you. If you need someone who speaks Spanish please let us know.

We have a NO PRESSURE policy. No one is going to ask for any personal information unless you are purchasing a vehicle.

If you arrive and the vehicle you’re looking at has not been serviced or detailed or needs additional reconditioning we will be happy to do so. If during the test drive you felt something needs to be checked in the vehicle please let us know.


We proudly offer financing thru a network of some of the largest lenders in the country with very competitive rates for consumers with Good or Bad Credit. Most of our lenders care only about job time and income, not your credit score.


Almost all of the cars at ABC Autotrader have low miles and the balance of the Factory Warranties still active. We also provide additional warranties to extend the coverage for up to an additional 100,000 miles if requested. GAP Insurance is available as well.

Vehicle Inventory:

90% of our inventory is “Off Lease Vehicles” from some of the largest leasing companies in the country. This means you know the car your purchasing has been in a regular maintenance program to insure its Quality.

Vehicle History:

At ABC Autotrader we proudly maintain our store policy of carrying only CLEAN TITLE vehicles. Vehicles with branded title such as & quot;Salvage, Flood, Rebuilt, Total Loss, Manufacturer Buy Backs" DO NOT qualify to be retailed at our store. We provide a free Carfax report on all vehicles for sale.

Has a vehicle been in an accident?

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle there is a chance that that vehicle may have been involved in an incident due to the fact that it is used and been on the road every day. There are millions of vehicles on the road that been involved in prior incidents. We consider the history of prior incidents when we price a vehicle and we still exclude a vehicle if the Carfax indicates, “Salvage, Flood, Rebuilt, Total Loss, Manufacturer Buy Backs”.

Website Accuracy:

ABC Autotrader is a 5-Star Dealer. This means we sell a lot of cars. We depend on a lot of third party services to Market and Advertise our cars. Because of the volume of sales, from time to time there may be errors in pricing and availability. Please call ahead to verify availability as well as any pricing that my seam too good to be true.

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